Lyminster Bypass (North)

Details of the design and construction of a new bypass of the A284 Lyminster Road.

(Position at May 2022)


The A284 is an important north-south link road from the A27 at Crossbush, providing access to Littlehampton and, to a lesser extent, Bognor Regis.

Journey times and accessibility are affected by the Wick level crossing, which causes delays to traffic in both directions and can impact on the junction with the A259.

The bypass is proposed to improve safety and accessibility as well as contributing to regeneration in the Littlehampton and Bognor Regis areas.

The proposed scheme

West Sussex County Council is responsible for delivering the northern half of the Lyminster Bypass, which will alleviate traffic issues through Lyminster Village.

The bypass will link to the existing A284 from a point approximately 600m south of the A27 at Crossbush and join the privately developed section of the same proposed bypass at Toddington Nurseries.

The proposed bypass will be a 7.3m wide single dual carriageway with verge on one side and a shared footway/cycleway facility on the other. The footway/cycleway will connect to existing and proposed facilities along the southern half of the bypass and A259.

The existing public bridleway will be maintained with a Pegasus Crossing, provided to ensure the safety of equestrians, cyclists and pedestrians.

A new viaduct will be constructed over Black Ditch and its associated flood plain to ensure that there is no increase in flood risk. The existing culvert will be extended at Brookfield Stream. 

Surface water run-off from the proposed construction will discharge at greenfield run-off rates via the existing catchments.

As far as is possible, the scheme will be constructed off-line from the existing road network to minimise disruption to road users during the works.

Benefits of the bypass

The benefits of constructing the proposed bypass encompass both local improvements and strategic objectives.

Locally, the bypass will alleviate traffic congestion through Wick and Lyminster. This will improve safety and the reliability of journey times as well as decreasing pollution levels through the village.

More strategically, the bypass is linked to the provision of 1,260 new homes and 700 new jobs.

With the improved cyclist and pedestrian facilities, it is hoped that more people will be encouraged to undertake local trips on foot or by bike.

Public engagement

A public consultation exercise was undertaken in September 2014 with 61 per cent of respondents in favour of the scheme, although it is noted that 31 per cent did not support the scheme and the remaining 9 per cent did not express an opinion.

Residents were also consulted on two options for the tie-in of the existing A284 to the proposed bypass with:

  • Option 1 (the most northerly option) selected following results of 51 per cent in favour
  • Option 2 favoured by 11 per cent, whilst 28 per cent had no preference and 10 per cent responded ‘don’t know’.

Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO)

Following the advertising of a Compulsory Purchase Order and Side Roads Order for this scheme, a Public Inquiry was held in August 2021. On 16 September 2021 the Secretary for Transport gave notice he had confirmed both orders with modifications.


The start date for main construction on the scheme is subject to the final approval from the Department for Transport of the funding bid for £11.8m.

Approval of the outline business case was granted in June 2021 and now a response is pending on the full business case.

The start date for main construction is anticipated to be June 2022 with the road opening in January 2024.

To mitigate the risk of a delayed start, the council has undertaken several pre-construction activities.

Completed activities are:

  • advanced pile testing works on Black Ditch flood plain
  • vegetation clearance prior to bird nesting season
  • removal of Japanese Knotweed (an invasive species).

Current activities are:

  • initial archaeological work
  • ground investigation around Brookfield stream.
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24 May 2022
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