A259 Littlehampton improvements

Details of the design and construction of the improved A259 north of Littlehampton.

(Position at July 2017)


A lot of new housing and commercial development is planned north of Littlehampton in the coming years.

The Emerging Arun Local Plan recognises that expected development will only increase the current traffic issues. If these traffic problems on the A259 are not addressed, the positive impacts of increased access to new homes and jobs may not be achieved.

We have developed proposals to reduce congestion, improve journey times and reliability.

Eventually this will see improvements to the Tesco Bridge Road roundabout, a new dual carriageway to replace the existing single carriageway between the new Fitzalan link road and the Body Shop roundabout and the single carriageway between Station Road, Angmering and the A280 roundabout and improvements to Goring Crossways junction.

The proposals are expected to be funded from developer contributions and funding from West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and Government grants secured through Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership.

Proposed scheme

The project will widen approximately 2km of the existing single carriageway on the A259 to a dual carriageway. This is made up of two sections:

  1. From the new junction east of Wick roundabout, where the new Lyminster bypass and Fitzalan link road join the A259 from the north and south. This section will end at the Body Shop roundabout.

    A new pedestrian and cycling path will be installed to the south of the dual carriageway segregated from the road by a verge along much of the route. Minor alterations will be made to the Body Shop roundabout to take into account of the new wider approach. The existing controlled crossing point will be retained.

  2. From the Station Road roundabout in Angmering to the A280 roundabout. This will feature a new cycling and pedestrian route to the south separated from the main carriageway by a verge.

WSCC is employing contractor VolkerFitzpatrick to deliver Detailed Design and the works. As far as is possible, the scheme will be constructed off-line from the existing road network to minimise disruption to road users during the works.


The overall benefit of these proposals will be to reduce current and future traffic congestion by increasing road capacity. The improvements will reduce queuing, resulting in quicker and more predictable journeys.

As well as benefits for motorised traffic, there will be approximately 2km of a new pedestrian and cycle route on the south side of the improved road. This will be segregated from the road by grass verge. It is intended that this will improve access to local facilities for non-motorised vehicle users.

Additionally, people will be encouraged to use the new footpath and cycle way to make local trips without using their car.

Strategically, the dual carriageway will support the provision of at least 800 new homes and 8.95 hectares of new employment space.

Public engagement

A public consultation exercise was undertaken in Spring 2016. 78% of respondents said that they agree with the proposals to improve the A259 in general, whereas 23% said that they generally do not support the proposed scheme. Support for the scheme was shown to be widespread throughout the local area.

Scheme cost

The dual carriageway works have an approved budget of £14.8m. This budget is jointly funded by the Coast to Capital Local Economic Partnership, West Sussex County Council and private developer contributions.


Detailed Design work starts in July 2017 and will last until summer 2018. Subject to acquiring the required land, it is anticipated that construction could start in late spring/early summer 2018.

There is the potential for work to relocate utilities before the start of the main works. WSCC will advertise any relevant dates on this web page and through a range of local media.

The scheme ties in with developer works for the new Fitzalan link road and Lyminster bypass. These works will require a new junction on the A259 east of Wick roundabout where the new roads meet the A259. WSCC will work closely with the developer to coordinate the various schemes.

Last updated:
31 July 2017

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