Broadbridge Heath major highways improvements

Details of the major improvements at Newbridge Roundabout, A24 Farthings Hill, and a new off road shared surface linking the two.

(Position at October 2019)


West of Horsham and south of Broadbridge Heath village has seen a large expansion of housing since 2010, with further housing currently under construction adjacent to Newbridge roundabout.

Part of the planning approval of the housing included the developer providing funding for changes to the roundabout at Newbridge (A281/Billingshurst Road junction) and the A24 Farthings Hill roundabout.

The route was formerly the A264 (now diverted onto a new east-west link west of the Horsham development area and a new A24 roundabout) and part of the planning approval includes downgrading the old A264 Broadbridge Heath bypass; this will be known as the C622. For further planning history please email

Proposed scheme

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is responsible for the design and delivery of the three parts of the Broadbridge Heath major highways improvements, which consist of:

  • alterations to the Newbridge roundabout to restrict access into Broadbridge Heath village from the A281
  • re-routing the Billingshurst Road along a new connector road to link it with a narrowed C622
  • new shared footways/cycleways and improved crossing facilities at Newbridge roundabout
  • a new off-road shared route linking Newbridge roundabout along the wide grass verge to the Tesco roundabout
  • a new off-road shared route linking Tesco roundabout to A24 Farthings Hill, which will convert lane one of the existing dual carriageway to a raised footway/cycleway
  • changes to lane markings on the dual carriageway link between the A24 Farthings Hill junction and the Tesco roundabout
  • cycle and footway improvements to A24 Farthings Hill roundabout, including:
      • the introduction of traffic signal 'toucan' crossings
      • raised south bridge parapet (for cycle route upgrade)
      • widened footways
      • minor alterations to entries and exits to the Hendy showroom and Shell petrol station.


The schemes, along with other local developments (Countryside Properties New Neighbourhood Centre, currently under construction), will help to improve access for residents, walking and cycling between the junctions and shopping and retail areas.

It will help to manage through traffic movement on the main routes A264, A281 and A24, which currently use the old bypass through the downgrading and closures (except for buses and taxis) on the C622, and redirecting this to the new A264 east-west link. This will help reduce traffic-related noise to properties adjoining the old bypass and reduce traffic through Broadbridge village.

Public engagement

This was completed as part of the developer's planning application/permission.

WSCC has informed Horsham District Council and Broadbridge Heath Parish Council on options at both junction improvements. The new off-road pedestrian/cycle path was added following discussions with the West Sussex Cycle Forum.

Start of works

WSCC have appointed Jackson Civil Engineering to build the highway improvements and works started on 7 May 2019, including the road closure of the C622 (Old Broadbridge Bypass, A281) and part of Billingshurst Road between Shelley Drive and Newbridge Roundabout, with bus access only.

A leaflet has been sent out to advise residents and businesses of the works and large message signs with the closure were erected in advance of the closure.

WSCC and Jackson Civil Engineering will keep the website and parish magazine updated with key dates, activities and events (such as any night time closures). The mobile signs will continue to be used if deemed necessary.

We realise that works of this nature can be inconvenient for local residents and would ask for your understanding and patience whist we complete this project. If you have any queries or concerns contact Carole Jones of Jackson Civil Engineering.

The scheme is on target for late Autumn 2019 completion.

Weekly progress update

Below is an update on planned works for the Broadbridge Heath Major Improvement Scheme scheduled for the forthcoming week, starting Monday 21 October.

  1. Installation of the new traffic signal infrastructure continues on the A24 overbridge at Farthings Hill. In addition, construction work on creating the new footpath and cycleway crossings on the A24 slip roads continues. The opportunity was taken during the Shell petrol station refit to undertake works on their entrance.
  2. The drainage works continue between Tesco and Farthings Hill. There will be further excavation of the next section of carriageway, as we work to complete the drainage. Work continues on the construction of the new shared route footway from Tesco’s to Farthings Hill.
  3. Works continue on the new connector road from Billingshurst Road/ Newbridge Roundabout. The construction of the new shared footway/cycleway to the south of Newbridge Roundabout. Our recent hand excavation works in this area have shown that tree roots are minimal in this verge and so we have been approved to undertake a more conventional footway and cycleway construction, which continues next week.
  4. Works on the off-road rural footway/cycleway continue with the area around the Tesco roundabout.

The slowing of traffic flows through the introduction of speeding restrictions on Farthings Hill and deployed traffic management is assisting in allowing vehicles exiting Tesco onto Farthings Hill a greater opportunity to filter into the traffic flow and help manage delays.

Please be aware that, as we approach the Farthings Hill junction building/construction of the new shared path, traffic management will have to be closer to the junction for the safety of the public and workforce. This will reduce the capacity and may create some additional delays and queuing coming from Tesco’s. This situation is being monitored and corrective actions taken whenever possible when delays do occur.

We realise that works of this nature can be inconvenient and would ask for your continued patience whilst we continue the improvements. The team are working towards a late autumn deadline for completion and are hoping to reopen parts of the scheme in stages as soon as they reach completion or are safe to do so.

Please remember that businesses are open as usual at Tesco, the Bridge Leisure Centre, the Bridge Retail Park and in the village of Broadbridge Heath.

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18 October 2019
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