School bus routes and timetables

Service information for students entitled to free transport or using public bus routes.

1 Overview

This section includes information on:

  • dedicated school transport routes
  • public bus service routes with special arrangements to carry school children only
  • public bus services that are open to all members of the public.

If your child is entitled to free school transport they will be allocated a route, which you will receive by email. If travelling by bus, this may be a dedicated school service or a public service. You can find route and timetable information on the following pages.

If your child is not eligible for assistance with school transport but will be travelling to school by public bus, please see our public bus routes page.

Guidance on using transport 

Guidance about expected behaviour and important information about school transport for eligible pupils is available in the leaflet below:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: Transport will be provided in line with national guidelines to ensure the safety of both passengers and staff. See our getting to and from school page for the latest information and to find out how we are adapting home to school travel during the pandemic.

2 Dedicated school transport routes

You will find the route your child has been allocated in the email you have received from the school transport team.

Your child should not attempt to travel on a route that has not been allocated to them. They will be refused travel if they do not have a valid pass.

While drivers do all they can to keep to the timetable, times stated are approximate. Pupils should be ready at their pick-up point at least five minutes earlier than the scheduled time.

The route timetables can be found on the links below:

Public service transport

If your child has been allocated a pass for use on a public service bus, please see the public bus routes page.

3 Public bus routes

Pupils should try to keep their distance from other passengers on public transport. The back to school page has full guidance, including the need for children aged 11 and over to wear a face covering.

Public bus services with special arrangements for school journeys

Some public services have special arrangements to run routes for school children only at school times from September 2020. This is in addition to the national safety measures that have been followed throughout the pandemic.

Routes with these arrangements are as follows:

Brighton & Hove Buses

  • 2, 59/59A

Compass Travel

  • 8, 19/19, 31, 33/33a, 62, 66a, 89, 662


  • 2/20, 23, 93, 98, 271, 281/291, 398, 624, 638, 642, 643, 648, 692, 693


  • 52/652, 53/653, 56, 91/92, 470, 614, 651, 655, 658, 665
  • 60 (school journeys as 460)
  • 600 (school journeys as 660)
  • 700 (school journeys as 770)

These details may be subject to change. Please check the operator website before travelling.

Public bus services with no special arrangements for school journeys

All other public service routes not listed above currently have no special arrangements in place for school journeys from September. This means they are also available for other members of the public to use at the same time as school children.


To view public bus timetables, please see the links to the operator websites below:

Note on making payments for fare paying children

If your child is not eligible for free school transport, please try to pay the fare by contactless card payment, smartphone app or the correct change. Some bus operators are not able to give change on cash fares due to current safety measures.

4 Operator information

These are the contact details for school transport providers.

Please contact the operator direct for lost property enquiries.

Compass Travel

Crawley Luxury

Portsmouth City Coaches

Southdown Buses


Sussex Coaches

West Sussex County Council and all other operators

You can also contact the school transport team using our online form.

5 Requesting an alternative route

Requests to change transport arrangements or bus routes can sometimes be met. You must ask for changes in writing using the online form below.

Contact us online

You may have to wait for a change to become possible. In some cases, we may not be able to provide your requested change.

Students must remain travelling on the route allocated to them until we notify you otherwise.

Last updated:
18 May 2021
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