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31 March 2017

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Skip licence

Apply for a licence to place skips on the highway.

1 Overview

Before placing skips (or hippo bags) on a highway or private street, it is the skip operator's responsibility to obtain a skip licence at least 5 working days in advance. This does not apply to a private road (usually gated) where the public have no right of access.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances only one skip will be allowed at any one time. The licence is generally valid between 1 and 14 days.

2 Apply for licence

When you book a skip through a local provider (we cannot recommend providers) they will apply for a licence by returning the following application form. They will also provide a copy of their public liability insurance to the value of £10 million. Both documents need to be emailed to the address below.

Skip licence application (Word, 176KB)

3 What next?

If approved, a licence will be issued to the skip company.

4 Pay the fee

The skip company will be emailed an invoice which they pay online.

The cost of the licence is:

  • 1-14 day period: £35.00
  • Each 14 day extension: £51.00 

Note: This is the cost of the licence only.

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