Building materials on the highway licence

Request a licence to place building materials on any part of the highway.

1 Overview

You need a licence if you wish to place building materials on any part of the highway. A licence is not necessary if materials are placed on private land.

Any damage caused to the highway will be recharged to the licence holder.

2 Apply

Complete the following application and include a copy of your public liability insurance to the value of £10 million. A minimum of 5 working days' notice is required:

Apply for consent to deposit materials on the highway

3 What next?

If approved, a licence will be issued. If you require an extension to your licence, you should submit another application before your licence expires.

4 Pay the fee

You will be emailed an invoice which you can pay online.


Depositing materials on the highway, including skip (Hippo) bags:

  • 1-5 days period: £91.00

5 Dangerous or unauthorised materials

If West Sussex County Council highway officers consider something to be dangerous, they will instruct the individual or contractor responsible to remove the danger within 2 hours.

If the owner cannot be identified, the officer will arrange removal of the material to a depot. If necessary, the officer will arrange suitable traffic management to avoid a dangerous situation continuing.

All costs incurred will be recovered from the individual responsible.

Our highway officers will keep a log of unauthorised materials on the highway, showing date, owner and action taken. Persistent offenders may be reported to the police or prosecuted by us.

If you think materials have been left in an unsafe condition or location on the highway (carriageway, footway or verge), report it to us:

Last updated:
31 March 2021
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