Hoardings or site fences licence

Request a licence to erect hoardings or fences on the roadside.

1 Overview

Hoardings or site fences are required to separate a building from the highway while any type of building works are being carried out.

A licence is required to erect hoardings or site fences on the public highway, for which a fee is payable.

As from 1 April 2021, West Sussex County Council (WSCC) will charge £27.00 per square metre for hoarding. The initial period is up to six weeks and any extension will be for up to eight weeks.

In your application, you must provide the square meterage your hoarding will cover in the box provided. This will be inspected and checked after hoarding has been erected.

2 Apply

Complete the following application form and email it to us, along with a copy of your public liability insurance to the value of £10 million. A minimum of 5 working days' notice is required.

Hoardings and site fences application form (Word, 60KB)

3 What next?

If approved, a licence will be issued. If you require an extension to your licence submit another application before your licence expires.

A licence may only be refused on the grounds that it would cause unreasonable obstruction in the street. In most cases, that could be overcome by the contractor providing pedestrian facilities.

4 Pay the fee

You will be emailed an invoice which you can pay online.


Erecting hoardings or fencing on the highway:

  • £27.00 per square metre - initial period up to 6 weeks
  • Extension charge will be £27.00 per square metre for up 8 weeks

Multiple extensions can be requested to cover longer periods.


Any hoarding found to be illegally erected on the highway will incur a fine of £113.00, then £27.00 per square metre added.

Failure to advise the County Council that a hoarding has been removed from the highway, or requires extension to the period of time it is required, will incur a £242.00 fine. 

Last updated:
1 April 2021
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