Planning your care support

How we work out how much money you will need for your support and create a plan.

1 Working out how much money you need

We use the information from your assessment to work out how much money is available to meet your needs.

We take into account ways of meeting your needs which may work well for you and do not require County Council funding.

We use the same method for everyone needing support to make sure it is a fair way to allocate money - this is called the resource allocation system. There may be some flexibility if you have higher or more complex needs. 

The money you receive is called a personal budget.

2 Your support plan

We want you to be able to get good advice and support when you are planning how to spend your personal budget. Once you have agreed the goals you want to achieve you will be referred to our Support Brokerage Service.

A support broker will help you think about the many ways you can get care and support, and help find the right services for you and work out the costs involved.

You can complete your support plan yourself, with or without support, or you can get someone else to complete it for you.

Your plan will include:

  • your needs, identified in your assessment
  • what is important to you
  • what you want to achieve (your outcomes)
  • what help you need to achieve your outcomes (including support that we have agreed to provide)
  • your support network
  • how you will receive and manage your personal budget
  • who will support you in managing your personal budget if you need help
  • how you intend to spend your personal budget
  • how you would prepare for any unplanned changes to your support - for example, if someone who provides care to you was suddenly unable to do so.

Your support plan will then need to be agreed with your social care worker. 

Other sources of funding or support will be taken into account when completing your support plan. Social care funding cannot be used to pay for things such as NHS funded care, regular household bills or needs that are already being met.

3 Contributing towards your budget

We can only pay up to a certain amount of financial support to someone living in their own home. For most people, the amount they pay will only be a contribution towards the full cost of their support. 

Details of how we calculate your contribution are on Paying for care in your home or local community

4 How your personal budget is paid to you

We will pay you the money for your support in one of two ways:

The money can be also be managed using a mixture of these options.

Your social worker will explain the details when you discuss your support plan.

5 Review

We will keep a record of your views - this will show what we have agreed together.

If you are not happy about any part of the review we can often deal with your concerns straightaway.

If you are still not satisfied, we have a formal complaints procedure.

6 Further information

Further information on getting social care support is available in the booklet below.

Last updated:
1 November 2018

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