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20 February 2015

Moving school

Apply for an in-year admission to move your child to a different school.

1 Overview

If your child needs to move to another school within the same year, you will need to apply for an in-year admission. You can apply for an in-year admission at any time of the year.

There is no guarantee that a place will be available at your preferred school. Before you apply make sure that you read the admissions criteria.

2 Moving to or within West Sussex

If you are applying for a school place in West Sussex, you should apply by using the relevant in-year application form, depending on who manages the school’s admissions.

For community and controlled schools and schools where we administer their admissions:

For schools that manage their own admissions:

Application forms for schools that manage their own admissions can also be obtained direct from the school.

Applying for a combination of schools

If you are applying for a combination of schools for whom we manage their admissions and schools who manage their own, then you need to complete the In-year Application - WSCC-managed Admissions (IYA/WSCCMA) Form and as many School-managed Admissions (IYA/SMA) forms as required.

Some schools might also ask you to complete their own Supplementary Information Form (SIF):

Their forms are available on the oversubscription criteria 2014/15 page or by contacting the school. This form helps schools gather additional information so applications can be considered correctly against their oversubscription criteria.

3 Moving out of West Sussex

If you are moving out of West Sussex then you will need to apply direct via the new local authority for the area you are moving to, and in some cases direct to the school.

You can find out who your local authority will be on GOV.UK.

4 Apply for a place from outside England

If you are living in the UK but outside England, please apply for a West Sussex school by completing the relevant In-year application form.

If you are living outside the UK, please contact Pupil Admissions for advice on whether you are entitled to apply for a place in a West Sussex school.

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