Parking management

Find out about the role of the County Council in parking management.

The County Council seeks to ensure that the supply, regulation, enforcement and cost of on-street parking in West Sussex is managed and controlled in ways which are consistent with its other transport, economic and environmental policies.

The Council’s specific objectives in managing parking are as follows:

Traffic management

  • To manage the free flow of all traffic on the highway and to maintain road safety for all road users.
  • To share out limited kerb space amongst competing user groups, fairly and transparently.
  • To maintain town centre parking charges and controls that provide effective demand management to:
    • protect the needs of residents and their visitors
    • encourage the turnover of on-street parking of short duration
    • support local businesses
    • encourage long-stay parking to take place in off-street car parks and/or designated on-street locations
    • minimise the effect of circulating traffic ‘searching’ for spaces.


  • To prioritise parking in residential areas for use by residents and their visitors.
  • To ensure that the parking and transport needs generated by new development are adequately provided for by the development and do not have adverse impacts upon local communities.


  • To provide sufficient on-street car parking in town and district and village centres to maintain economic vitality and viability without encouraging unnecessary or excessive car use.

Health and wellbeing

  • To reduce levels of car ownership and reliance on the private car as the principle mode of choice through the promotion and support of alternatives, including car clubs, car sharing, non-car modes and active travel.
  • To facilitate the adoption of less polluting technology, such as electric vehicles, through the development of appropriate support infrastructure.


  • To positively encourage the location of activities in well-served and accessible areas.
  • To locate long-stay parking spaces in off-street car parks or less central on-street areas, subject to the safeguarding of residents’ parking needs.
  • To support the provision of out-of-town Park and Ride schemes that reduce long-stay town centre parking.


  • To provide a single integrated parking service, combining on-street and off-street management and enforcement that will be accessible, at a local level within the districts and boroughs.
  • To provide the effective enforcement of parking controls.


  • To ensure Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) are self-financing. Individual schemes should, preferably, recover their set-up costs over a period of time and return a surplus to the On-Street Parking Account to provide for on-going maintenance, monitoring, enforcement and review.
  • To review parking charges regularly and to set those charges at levels that cover operating costs and influence short and long stay parking demands, consistent with traffic management and demand management objectives.
Last updated:
16 June 2022
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