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8 February 2018

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Transport Plan monitoring

Find out about travel surveys and information used to monitor our Transport Plan.

1 Overview

In this section, you will find details of local travel surveys and travel monitoring data held for West Sussex. These provide a range of transport indicators that relate to our Transport Plan, as well as wider information on travel trends and characteristics of West Sussex residents.

Information includes highways and transport surveys and report data from the monitoring indicators for the West Sussex Transport Plan.

2 National Highways and Transport Network Public Satisfaction Survey

This survey measures public satisfaction with highways and transport services, as well as travel behaviour. As a national survey of the National Highways and Transport (NHT) Network, it allows comparison of performance between local highway authorities.

West Sussex took part in the survey for the first time in 2010. In 2016, 3,300 surveys were initially sent out to randomly selected households across West Sussex. A reminder mailing was used to increase response rates to the survey, which was 29.3%. Visit the NHT Survey website for further information and to view results, including a mapping facility.

The 2016 NHT survey template, a question-by-question results report and a key benchmarking indicator and survey background summary report are available below. They include information on key trends from 2010 to 2016, as well as explanatory information about how the survey results are derived.

An accompanying note explains the context of the work being undertaken in West Sussex to improve the condition of highways across the county, including the Better Roads Programme, the Pothole Action Fund, the Even Better Pavements Fund and the Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund.

Additional historical information reports from previous years’ NHT Surveys and West Sussex Household Travel Surveys held between 2006 and 2009 are available on request - contact us for further information.

Supporting documents

3 Chichester and Horsham Household Travel Surveys

Household Travel Surveys were undertaken in Chichester and Horsham in July 2013 and July 2015 for monitoring:

Opinion Research Services carried out these surveys on our behalf. They sent 5,000 surveys to residents in each location during each survey year with response rates of 26% achieved in 2015.

Supporting documents

4 West Sussex Transport Plan monitoring indicators

The Transport Plan’s headline monitoring indicators up to the 2012/13 financial year are available below.

We have simplified the set of indicators used in previous transport plans, retaining indicators we believe are most effective in helping us monitor the delivery of services.

West Sussex Transport Plan monitoring indicators table (PDF, 49KB)

5 West Sussex 2011 Census

Our 2011 Census results page gives travel to work and car and van ownership statistics. 

6 West Sussex Sustainable Travel Towns project

In December 2012 we were awarded £2.46m Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) funding for initiatives in Chichester and Horsham between 2012/13 and 2014/15.

The investment was used to improve things such as public transport facilities at rail stations, cycle parking and cycle and pedestrian routes. It also helped fund initiatives that encourage people to change the way they travel to work and school.

The report below summarises the results of the schemes that were delivered during the project. It also provides an evaluation of the project and includes recommendations for the future.

Find out about the Chichester and Horsham Household Travel Surveys that were used as part of the project review.

7 Contact us

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