Travel wisely

Walking and cycling for local journeys

  • Try walking or cycling for local journeys rather than using your car. Over time you’ll improve your muscle condition, and your heart and lung capacity. You will also save fuel, cut your carbon emissions and help improve local air quality. By walking or cycling just one mile a week instead of driving, you’ll save 26kg of carbon dioxide a year. It’ll also be great exercise and keep you connected with your local community.
  • Learn to cycle or brush up on your cycling skills at any age – find out about adult cycle training in your area or whether your child’s school offers Bikeability training.
  • Ask your employer whether they offer a cycle-to-work scheme which can support you to buy a bike.
  • See whether an electric bike would give you the helping hand you need to commute on two wheels, avoiding congestion and giving you the freedom to tackle longer, tougher rides.
  • View our active travel page and visit Living Streets - the charity for every day walking. 
  • Check out West Sussex cycling routes and maps for information on getting about.

Travel in a more sustainable way

  • Consider travelling by public transport instead of the car for longer journeys to cut your carbon footprint - find information on different public transport options.
  • Discover the Travelwise campaign and see how you can travel more sustainably, including local car sharing options.

If you want to travel in a more sustainable way but need to use a car you could consider joining a car club or switching to an electric car.

Switch to an electric car

Our Electric vehicles page includes information on the following:

  • Electric Vehicle Strategy
  • West Sussex Chargepoint Network
  • Register your interest in a chargepoint
  • Owning and driving an electric vehicle
  • Funding to help you install a chargepoint
Electric vehicles