Fire service information, including recruitment, safety advice and training courses.

Learning zone

Fun resources aimed to keep children and young adults safe.

1 Early years and Key Stage 1

Colour in our firefighter

They wear cream coloured jackets and trousers, yellow helmets and have black masks. Can you colour our firefighter in? Share yours with us!

Book time

Use this bookmark template during story time. Ask a grown up to cut it so you can colour it in and pop it in your book.

Build your own fire engine

Ask an adult to cut out this fire engine, then colour it in and stick it together!

People who help us - Firefighters

Watch as Richy and Amanda show you what our crews get up to and how important their role is in keeping the community safe.

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House hazards

Hazards are risks. Once you've finished colouring, can you spot all of the fire hazards in this picture?

Picture cards

Talk to your parent, guardian or carer about these picture cards. What do you think is happening? Is something wrong?

Colour and storyboard

Ask an adult to help cut these cards up. Then, colour them in and make a story out of them. Ask your adult to share your story with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Hot or cold?

Let's understand what could be hot and cold! Play this hot or cold game.

Tales of the Road

Stay as safe and possible when walking and cycling to school by reading the Tales of the Road.

Interactive lesson

Parents - you can deliver a fire safety lesson at home by showing your children the video below.

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2 Key Stage 2

House hazards

Here's a drawing of someone's kitchen. Add some colour to it and then find the hazards.

Create an exit plan

Fires can happen by accident. We ask everyone to plan a route out of their homes if they have to escape quickly. What route would you take to get out? Here are some resources for you to consider and plan for your home.

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3 Young adults

Are you looking to move out, or perhaps you recently have? It’s vital that you remain fire safe in your first home.

If you're moving into halls of residence or into your first home, we have put together some useful fire safety advice to help you stay safe.

4 Information and support

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5 Take a tour of some of our fire stations

Virtual tour of Crawley fire station - produced by firefighter Tim Taylor

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Virtual tour of Haywards Heath fire station

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Virtual tour of Shoreham fire station

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23 April 2021
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