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Safe Drive Stay Alive

Find out about our scheme to promote safer driving.

Safe Drive Stay Alive is a partnership with the police, ambulance service and NHS aimed at new and learner drivers aged 17-24 years old to influence driver behaviour and attitude.

Delivered annually to 34 sixth-forms and colleges, the programme and shows run between 1 November and 31 March each year and reach approximately 8,000 students.

We are currently seeking partners or sponsors (big and small) for this initiative - more details are available on West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service partner and sponsorship opportunities.

What the initiative includes

The road safety initiative offers many options including:

  • demonstrations
  • displays
  • public relation inclusion
  • on-stage branding.

It is a firm fixture in education calendars and curriculums and has become very popular with schools and colleges throughout West Sussex. Established in 2006, the show is presented throughout West Sussex in theatres and colleges.

The show includes first-hand accounts from the victims, family members and 999 responders personally affected by devastating road crashes. It also combines narrative film footage of a group of teenagers whose journey ends in tragedy, with real life stories brought bravely to the stage by those people whose lives have been changed forever by a car crash.

Comments about the programme

Previous attendees' feedback include:

  • “It was a very emotional experience and I believe it will change many peoples attitude to driving.”
  • “It made me realise that what I do as a passenger could have consequences for the driver.”
  • “A really powerful experience with no softening of what really happens in an accident.”

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Last updated:
2 October 2023
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