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Our fire advisors are available to visit schools, homes or other establishments.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (WSFRS) recognises the importance of addressing fire-setting behaviour amongst children and young people, and it is a core activity within the service.

Young people may play with fire for various reasons, such as a natural curiosity or seeking attention. Without help and guidance fire-setter behaviour can escalate and lead to more serious consequences.

The recognised method of reducing playing with fire and deliberate fire setting amongst children and young people involves early intervention and effective education. By understanding the circumstances that lead young people to start fires, and following some basic fire safety advice, we can reduce the chance of further fires.

Our team can give guidance to parents, carers and professionals who may be concerned about a child or young person playing with fire. They are available to visit schools, homes or other establishments as necessary. Permission of parents/carers is required before any visit is undertaken.

We can also liaise with other organisations that can assist the young people with other needs that they may have. 

Last updated:
5 December 2019
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