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Extra care premises

Fire safety guidance for extra care premises.

What are extra care premises?

Extra care premises is a term that is used where there are self-contained homes which are privately owned, rented or part owned/part rented within a block, bungalow estate or retirement village. These will often have occupiers who require specific domestic support and/or personal care.

There may often be communal areas, such as a restaurant or dining room, health and fitness facilities, hobby rooms and even computer rooms.

What are my responsibilities?

Extra care premises are required to have a fire risk assessment. Consideration needs to be given as part of this process to a 'person-centred approach' assessment looking at the needs of each individual.

Where can I find out more?

Further guidance is available in the specialised housing guide. This includes templates and explanations on how to conduct a 'person-centred approach' assessment.

Last updated:
24 June 2024
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