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Drugs and legal highs

Information about drugs and how to access support if you have a problem.

Drugs affect people in different ways and finding helpful and accurate information out there can be difficult, particularly about ‘legal highs’. If you are worried about your drug and/or alcohol use, you can get friendly, non-judgmental and confidential drugs advice and support at a time and place convenient to you from the young person’s service in West Sussex. You don’t have to manage on your own.

Staying safe if you choose to use drugs:

  • Make sure that you have enough credit or minutes left on your mobile in case you need to meet up with friends or call your parents.
  • Don't mix drugs, especially with alcohol, as the effects can be unpredictable and potentially much more dangerous.
  • Plan how you're going to get home safely. Make sure that someone knows where you are, don't get separated from your friends while you are out and keep enough money for a taxi home.
  • If you're getting a lift, make sure that the driver hasn't been drinking or using drugs.
  • Watch out for your friends. If anyone gets into difficulties, call an adult or, if the situation is dangerous, call 999.

Advice and support

Last updated:
2 July 2019
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