Last updated:
8 June 2017

Request a search of petroleum storage records

We can check our archive for evidence of historic petrol storage at a given address.

1 Overview

Anyone who is developing a plot of land, or who has concerns about possible historic pollution from stored petrol on land, can ask us to carry out a search.

We will check our archives to find out whether a given West Sussex address:

  • was previously used to store petrol
  • still has old petrol tanks remaining on the land.

3 Search costs

The cost of a search is £61.20* per hour after which we'll provide details of the information we hold in writing. We don't charge VAT for this service.

An hour is usually enough time for us to complete most searches. If your enquiry is going to take longer we will provide an estimate of the extra time we'll need.

Any outstanding time cannot be carried forward to future enquiries that are not related to an ongoing search.

We may ask you to provide written permission from the current landowner to allow us to disclose information to third parties before we can conduct the search.

Once agreed, we'll request payment by phone as we are unable to accept payment by cash or cheque.

*Charges may be altered in the future. Correct as of April 2017.

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