Gypsy and Traveller sites

Find a permanent site and apply for a plot.

1 Site locations

The County Council own and manage nine permanent Gypsy, Roma and Traveller sites in West Sussex.

  • Adversane - Billingshurst
  • Cousins Copse - Five Oaks near Horsham
  • Easthampnett - near Tangmere
  • New Fairplace Hill - Burgess Hill
  • Little Horsgate - Cuckfield
  • Ryebank - Yapton
  • Walstead - Haywards Heath
  • Westbourne
  • New Withy Park - near Lancing

2 Eligibility

To apply for a plot you must be:

  • at least 18 years old
  • a Gypsy or Traveller, either by ethnic group or under the current legal definition
  • not intentionally homeless under the Housing Act 1996.

You will not be eligible if there is evidence of recent behaviour, by you or a member of your household, that is likely to affect the management of the site and/or adversely impact on the site community.

You would not be eligible to apply if you, or a member of your household, have:

  • used threatening language or behaviour to any officer of a council, their representatives or contractors
  • been subject to an injunction over violent behaviour in the past three years
  • supplied false or misleading information when making an application
  • deliberately worsened their housing situation without reasonable cause
  • moved onto one or more of our sites without the County Council's licence or consent
  • property in West Sussex, or any other county, which they can reasonably be expected to occupy
  • a housing related debt from previous occupation of council sites.

3 Apply for a plot

You can apply for a plot at more than one site. The more sites you apply for, the greater your chances of being allocated a plot.

Apply for a plot (external link)

Only a few plots become available for letting each year. Some sites have limits on space meaning that they are not suitable for everyone.

If you are allocated a plot, we will ensure you are compatible with other existing family groupings on the site and residents within the area.

Waiting list

If there are no plots available, you will be added to the waiting list for 12 months. You will need to contact us after the 12 months if you wish to remain on the waiting list. 

Being on the waiting list does not automatically mean that you will receive an offer of accommodation.

4 Allocating plots

Allocations will be made on a points based system to assess an applicant’s housing need and level of priority, with one point being gained for each full month on the waiting list (capped at 12 months).

Local connections

Criteria and points for local connections.
Criteria Points
Applicants have lived in West Sussex for at least 12 months 20
Applicants have been travelling in the immediate county borders (evidence to be provided) 10
Applicants have a close family resident (siblings, children, parents or grandparents) in the area 15

Problems with existing accommodation

Criteria and points for problems with existing accommodation.
Criteria Points
Homeless (through no fault of their own) 20
Given notice to quit (through no fault of their own) 15
At risk of eviction (through no fault of their own) 10
On West Sussex transit site 20
On unauthorised encampment/development 15
Young adult (18 and over) living with parents on existing site and getting married 15
Previously lived on a travellers' site and finding it difficult to maintain a tenancy in bricks and mortar 10

Medical conditions

Criteria and points for medical conditions.
Criteria Points
Applicant has significant health problems (mental or physical) and requires support 20
A member of the applicant's  family has significant health problems (mental or physical) 20

Family considerations (capped at 3 children)

Criteria and points for family considerations.
Criteria Points
Children under 12 months 5 per child
Children 1-18 years old 5 per child
Pregnancy  10
Applicant or family members over 60 10 per person

Welfare considerations

Criteria and points for welfare considerations.
Criteria Points
Applicant fears for their personal safety and is at risk of, or escaping, violence (through no fault of their own) 20
Applicant has experienced racial harassment and intimidation 15
Applicant is required to care for or support a member of their family who is an exiting resident on the site (health reasons) 15

Educational considerations

Criteria and points for educational considerations.
Criteria Points
Requirement to maintain an existing local school placement 5 per child
Child with a statement of special educational needs 10 per child
Requirement for child to commence education 10 per child

5 Appeals

There is no specific appeals procedure if you are refused a plot or not included on the waiting list.

Any grievances can be handled via our formal complaints procedure.

6 Transferring to another site

If you would like to transfer to another site you will need to provide a written request detailing the circumstances and reason for the transfer request.

All rent and water payments must be up to date prior to making an application. Your pitch and utility block must be clean and tidy.

Transfers will be given priority over new applications.

Last updated:
12 May 2023
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