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Hear from our staff about why they love casual bank work.

"I have really enjoyed being back at work since retiring in 2018. I have now been on the bank since 2019 and I love the flexibility it has given me. During Covid it gave me a purpose to my day, ensuring that I had a structure when we could not leave our homes. Since Covid regulations have lessened, I am enjoying the face-to-face contact with the customers, residents in the care homes, talking to their families, and becoming involved again with a team. However, I know that if I need time to spend with my family then I can take a few days off without having to worry about making up hours, or meeting deadlines. My work is specialized and structured, with a specific focus on one area of service provision."

Liz Coleshill
Bank Social Worker and Best Interest Assessor

"Having left working in adult social care for some time, working on the casual bank has been perfect to help me get back into the sector. The variety of different teams to work in has meant I have been able to refresh my old skills and learn new ones, supported by excellent training, colleagues and managers."

Joss Nott
Bank Assistant Care Manager

"The casual bank enables me to keep up to date with practice whilst running my own training company. I couldn’t do this with agency contracts because you must commit blocks of time. With the casual bank you choose whether to commit to a single piece of work or a block of time and you can dip in and out as you wish as long as you’ve completed what you committed to."

Donna Armitage
Bank Senior Social Worker

"After having left my permanent position and a few years of being away from front line practice (by choice), the Casual Bank Social Worker position at West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has been ideal for me for the multiple benefits it offers. To name a few, I am employed directly by the council, have the choice of working the number of hours/weeks I can afford, can move positions as and when they arise, take some time off work and resume work if my personal circumstances so demand, access training to keep up with my continuing professional development (CPD) and many others. Anyone looking at a different way of flexible working, one which enables them to match their skills/knowledge/experiences to various social work roles, have more control over their work/life balance, then I would strongly encourage them to consider the casual social work route at WSCC."

Krish Ramdhony
Casual Senior Social Worker

"From a retiree perspective I have found being on the casual bank so helpful. I can fit work flexibly around family commitments whilst continuing to earn money (which was particularly helpful when my water tank burst!). I find my work experience helps me to mentor newer members of the current team I work with whilst supporting them by taking on complex cases. My mind continues to be active, and I love the new challenges that a social worker experiences."

Melanie O’Toole
Bank Senior Social Worker

"My wife and I both work for the casual bank and the flexibility and autonomy we have over workload and working hours has helped us both be more available for family commitments…especially helpful with the juggling involved with young children during school holidays. Allocating managers and casual bank staff have both been extremely helpful in offering guidance and support whenever needed."

Tom and Michelle Jordan
Bank Social Workers – Children's

"It is a great work experience working as a Casual Bank Social Worker. I feel greatly supported by the coordinating team and I have access to flexible and varied work opportunities which support my CPD."

Gladys Muriro
Bank Senior Social Worker

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