Children’s social care casual bank

Find out more about casual bank work in children’s social care.

“The casual bank at West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has been ideal for me for the multiple benefits it offers. I am employed directly by the council, have the choice of working the number of hours/weeks I can afford, can move positions as and when they arise, can take some time off work and resume work if my personal circumstances so demand and can access training to keep up with my continuing professional development (CPD) and many others.”

Krish Ramdhony
Casual Senior Social Worker

Our children’s casual bank consists of:

  • qualified social workers
  • senior social workers
  • advanced social work practitioners.

Our staff, working alongside various teams in children’s services across West Sussex, support with tasks such as:

  • welfare or child protection visits
  • viability assessments
  • special guardianship assessments
  • Section 7 reports
  • contact supervision
  • out of county visits
  • parenting assessments
  • school escorts
  • adoption assessments
  • foster carer reviews
  • fostering and adoption assessments

Our casual bank children’s team are all highly skilled and trained to provide valuable support, taking smaller pieces of work from the permanent teams to assist with workload pressures at a time when demand for service is at an all-time high.

Feedback from our children’s bank team is that “this work is extremely rewarding and you feel like you have really done your bit to help make a difference to vulnerable children and families when it is most needed.”

Work will be offered with a start and end date which can be flexible according to court deadlines. Once a bank worker has been identified for a task, managers or case holding social workers will liaise directly with them and providing support until the work is complete.