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"I work here because of the wonderful colleagues I get to work with. A great team of dedicated psychologists who are really supportive. The great senior management who are ambitious for the service and are mindful of the support for us, supporting our wellbeing and make sure we get the best out of our job.”

Educational Psychologist

Working in the educational psychology service at West Sussex County Council

A message from Andrea Morgan, Principal Educational Psychologist

Here in West Sussex, we are creating the right environment where great psychology can flourish and make a positive difference. We have a friendly, inspiring team of psychologists who apply psychology creatively and place children at the centre of their practice. Importance is placed on supervision and continuing professional development and the service is developing and growing.

To achieve our vision, we need more great psychologists like you to join us to help make a difference to children and families and shape the way we work in the future.

The information on our website will tell you a bit more about our teams and how we work and what we can offer you. Some of our staff have created short videos to tell you what working for us in West Sussex is really like.

If you would like further information, please do contact us and we would be happy to talk about the work we undertake and our vision and values.

Living in West Sussex

West Sussex is an English county based on the south coast. With the picturesque South Downs to the north and beautiful beaches to the south there is lots to see and do in West Sussex.

Life in West Sussex

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