Jobs in children's social work in West Sussex

Pay, rewards and benefits

What you can expect to earn and the benefits available to you.

Last updated:
19 April 2021
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1 Upcoming pay structure

Recognising the improvement journey we are on in West Sussex, our exciting new and fair pay structure will go live from 1 July 2021. These new arrangements will include an extended career progression scheme.

Child and Family Worker (Grade 7) - £23,080 - £25,481

Accountability summary

Under supervision:

  • manage a caseload assessing needs, risks and options, considering legal and other requirements
  • provide interventions and monitor/evaluate progress
  • work directly with families
  • maintain accurate records of all work undertaken and produce case reports and correspondence for a variety of audiences
  • report any allegation of, or suspicions of, abuse or potential abuse of a vulnerable person to an immediate manager or supervisor.

Newly Qualified Social Worker (Grade 9) - £33,274*

Accountability summary

  • Manage caseloads with independence, seeking support where required to meet workload deadlines.
  • Report any allegation or suspicions of abuse or potential abuse of a vulnerable person to an immediate manager or supervisor.

Social Worker (Grade 10) - £37,024 - £40,213*

Accountability summary

  • Acting autonomously, apply expert and effective practice in complex situations, assessing and managing risk.
  • Report any allegation or suspicions of abuse or potential abuse of a vulnerable person to an immediate manager or supervisor.

Social Worker (Grade 11) - £41,538 - £44,865*

Accountability summary

  • Practice expertly in complex situations, managing higher levels of risk, balancing support and control.
  • Mentor newly qualified social workers and supervising the work of support and non-qualified staff.
  • Act on any allegation or suspicions of abuse or potential abuse of a vulnerable person.

Senior Social Worker (Grade 12) - £45,986 - £49,339*

(Previously known as Advanced Practitioner.)

Accountability summary

  • Practice skill at highest level as responsible for highly complex caseload.
  • Contribute to developing high standards of practice.
  • Lead development of specific areas of professional practice across the county.
  • Provide mentoring, training, coaching and supervision to social workers and support staff to improve practice and outcomes

Team Manager (Hay A) - £52,086 - £55,798**

(Previously known as Practice Manager.)

Accountability summary

  • Manage a team, including the performance management and professional development of those staff.
  • Enable and challenge others to develop their knowledge base and make knowledge-informed judgments, including decision-making about risk.
  • Model and use critical reflective skills in management, practice or organisational supervision to enhance practice.

Service Manager (Hay C) - £55,959 - £59,222

(Previously known as Group Manager.)

Accountability summary

  • Contribute to the formulation and implementation of policies, processes and guidance, considering views of stakeholders, and gaining appropriate ownership and approvals.
  • Contribute to service improvements and develop effective relationships with managers or partners across the wider directorate, other parts of the organisation and external organisations.
  • Manage a budget and contribute to decisions on high level spending.
  • Manage service delivery or specific reviews, projects and programmes on service/directorate provision through the use of effectively managed resources.

Head of Service (Hay E) - £65,460 - £69,964

(Previously known as Service Lead.)

Accountability summary

  • Manage the integration and co-ordination of related services, ensuring delivery of an effective service and being accountable for the overall achievements, meeting directorate and corporate objectives.
  • Develop a range of policies and plans and approving a significant range of formulated policies and business strategies.
  • Take the professional lead on assigned technical areas of specialism, determining, evaluating and managing performance standards to meet defined performance indicators and achieve corporate objectives.
  • Direct responsibility for a budget.
  • Contribute to decision making on projects or other externalised expenditure.
  • Communicate complex specialist information to a range of audiences effectively, including outside of the organisation, in a highly proficient, professional manner.
  • Advise senior leaders on updates and implications to changes in specialist area.

* Includes annual market supplement of 12.5%
** Includes annual market supplement of 10%

2 Current pay scales

Our current pay arrangements up until 30 June 2021 are as follows:

  • Child and Family Worker (Grade 7) - £23,080 - £25,481
  • Newly Qualified Social Worker (Grade 9) - £30,411*
  • Social Worker (Grade 9) - £30,411 - £33,838*
  • Social Worker (Grade 10) - £34,391 - £38,583*
  • Social Worker (Grade 11) - £39,876 - £44,146*
  • Advanced Practitioner (Grade 12) - £40,876 - £43,857
  • Practice Manager (Hay A) - £47,351 - £50,725
  • Group Manager (Hay B) - £51,764 - £54,823
  • Service Lead (Hay E) - £65,460 - £69,964

* Includes annual market supplement

3 Benefits

By playing this video YouTube may set cookies.

These include:

  • annual leave of between 26-29 days
  • flexible working opportunities
  • excellent opportunities for learning and development
  • access to research communities, including Research in Practice
  • Social Work England fees paid for all social workers earning up to Grade 11
  • an excellent local government pension scheme, staff discounts and support for you and your family
  • career breaks
  • career progression
  • a brilliant place to live and work
  • a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • an Employee Assistance Programme offering 24/7 support for a range of things, including mental wellbeing.
The support is second to none!
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