Safer West Sussex Partnership groups

Find out about the groups and the strategic boards that contribute to the partnership.

  • About the Domestic Homicide Oversight Panel

    The purpose of the panel is to consider Domestic Homicide Review (DHR) notifications and make recommendations on whether to commission full DHRs for each notification in accordance with the Home Office Multi-Agency Statutory Guidance for the Conduct of Domestic Homicide Reviews. The Panel also has responsibility to consider opportunities for shared learning and overseeing the recommendations from DHRs.

    More information on DHRs can be found on the Domestic Homicide Reviews page.

  • About the Domestic and Sexual Abuse and Violence Steering Group

    The steering group is a collaboration of statutory and third sector partners and services across Sussex, who provide governance and strategic coordination of the county’s responses to Domestic and Sexual Abuse. The overall objective is to reduce domestic abuse and sexual abuse and violence and provide robust and accessible services to support survivors and their families.

    Pan Sussex strategy for domestic abuse accommodation and support

    The Pan-Sussex Strategy for Domestic Abuse Accommodation and Support 2021-2024 sets out how we will help and protect survivors of domestic abuse in safe accommodation, in line with our new duties under the national Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

    Domestic and sexual violence and abuse strategic framework

    In Sussex, our commitment as a partnership of agencies is to work together to provide robust, accessible and supportive services to those experiencing abuse.

    We will work to break down barriers between sectors and services in neighbourhoods and communities, recognising that Domestic and Sexual Violence is everyone’s business and that responsibility for tackling the issue is truly shared.

  • About the Partnership Tactical Tasking and Coordination Group (TTCG)

    The TTCG is a multi-agency group which uses partnership data to identify specific areas of threat, harm, risk or vulnerability in the county and responds to any emerging patterns of crimes or incidents.

  • About the Violence and Exploitation Board

    The Violence and Exploitation Board brings together data and expertise from Sussex Police, local authorities, the NHS and community organisations to identify and tackle serious violent crime in West Sussex, and to protect young people and make our communities safer from the risks of exploitation and other extrafamilial harms.

    The partnership is also the strategic group that hold the Violence Reduction Partnership (see below) in West Sussex.

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  • About substance misuse and the Combating Drugs Partnership

    The misuse (or excessive use) of drugs and alcohol has been linked to a range of negative impacts for individuals, families, and communities, requiring interventions from state and community-level service provision.

    National guidance and government policies outline potential actions for improving outcomes related to substance misuse and one of the necessary components for such action is a local-level examination of the facts in the form of a health needs assessment.

    As part of the Government’s 10-year drug strategy, From Harm to Hope (2021), all local authority areas were also required to establish a local Combating Drugs Partnership (CDP).

    The partnership has three core priorities; deliver a world-class treatment and recovery system, break drug supply chains, and achieve a generational shift in demand for drugs.

    The West Sussex CDP links in with the work being done around substance misuse and has the following responsibilities:

    • Building on work already being done with the CSPs.
    • Developing a local plan of action to reduce drug (and alcohol) related harm.
    • Using national data and metrics to help measure improvements for local people and communities.
  • About the Sussex Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP)

    The Sussex Violence Reduction Partnership aims to protect young people and make our communities safer. It does this by bringing together the police, local authorities, criminal justice, the NHS, public health and community organisations to tackle the root causes of serious violence in Sussex.

    Violence Reduction Response Strategy

    There are three locality VRUs (one in each area of Sussex: East Sussex, West Sussex, Brighton & Hove), which are responsible for the operational delivery of VRU activity within their area.

    The overarching Pan-Sussex VRU, which comprises the core VRU team, has responsibility for strategic coordination and management of VRU activity across Sussex including all financial and reporting requirements, executive engagement, project management, analysis and development of data sharing agreements and communications and engagement. The team also leads on the collation and sharing of good practice locally and nationally.

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  • About the West Sussex Modern Slavery Operational Group

    As part of the public sector and a responsible member of the SWSP, West Sussex County Council is committed to improving its practices to identify and combat modern slavery and human trafficking as an employer, commissioner, and contractor with other organisations.

  • About the West Sussex Prevent Board

    This is a strategic forum established in response to the statutory duties introduced by the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, and as a result of the risks identified in the Counter-Terrorism Local Profile for the county.

  • About the West Sussex Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB)

    This board is a multi-agency partnership that lead on adult safeguarding across the county. It oversees and co-ordinates the effectiveness of the safeguarding work of its members and partner agencies.

  • About the West Sussex Safeguarding Children Partnership (WSSCP)

    The partnership is led by three Strategic Lead Partners: Police, Health and the Local Authority. It supports local organisations and agencies to work together in a system which ensures children and young people are safeguarded and their well-being promoted.