Report an unauthorised Gypsy or Traveller site

Report an unauthorised Gypsy or Traveller site on local authority land.

1 Report an encampment

Contact us if an unauthorised Gypsy or Traveller encampment is set up on public land or a highway without permission.

2 Already reported encampments

Cattle Market car park, Market Avenue, Chichester

There are currently three caravans parked at this location. Notices have been served which they have failed to comply with. Court proceedings have therefore been commenced. Together with Sussex Police we will continue to monitor the site.

Tangmere Recreation Ground, Tangmere

There are currently seven caravans parked at this location. This is parish council land and the Tangmere Parish Council are dealing with the matter.

Last updated: 16 August 2018

3 What happens after you report

Once we receive a report we will visit a site to check:

  • its tidiness
  • how much it's disrupting local residents and businesses
  • whether it's obstructing highways or public rights of way
  • if there are any welfare or humanitarian issues.

We will tolerate an encampment for a short time if the campers are behaving, the site is tidy and other circumstances allow.

We are likely to evict if the camp is causing a nuisance or campers aren't behaving. Usually we agree an acceptable deadline with the campers. This is cheaper and quicker than taking legal action. 

If we can't agree an eviction deadline there are powers the police can use. We have to apply these in line with the Human Rights Act and Race Relations Act, otherwise we may be challenged in court.

4 Unauthorised encampments on private land

These are the responsibility of the land owner.

Last updated:
16 August 2018

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