Severe weather update

Latest information and advice on staying safe

Last updated: 13:57 03 May 2024

Flood warnings and alerts remain in place across West Sussex as a result of ongoing high tides and recent severe weather.

See the latest warnings and alerts for the county from the Environment Agency.

Read the latest update on the work of the West Sussex County Council and authorities in responding to the flooding.

Keep safe and well whilst high winds and storm alerts are in place by following this advice and guidance.

For details of road closures see the section below and follow us on X for regular updates @WSCCNews @WSCCResilience and @WSHighways

Please plan ahead and anticipate hazards on the road, including standing water and fallen trees, and adhere to road closure and diversion route signage. Be cautious around flooded areas and stay away from the water’s edge.

For further advice on staying safe, please see:

Dealing with extreme weather
Preparing for emergencies
Met Office weather warnings website. 



Travel information

You can keep up to date with any road closures on this webpage and X @WSHhighways

You can also find travel information here:

Road closures

Thank you to everyone for your patience while our Highways teams tackle the impact of severe weather.

Unfortunately, even the most efficient highway drainage systems can be overwhelmed in severe conditions, forcing some roads to be closed. Privately-owned land surrounding the highway will often also be overwhelmed in these circumstances. In some areas, highway drainage is reliant on a surrounding watercourse, such as a stream, however if the watercourse is over capacity, highway water cannot drain away. Our Highways teams are working around the clock to respond to the impacts of the wet weather and will remain on standby over the coming days.

Table showing locations and closure types
Location Closure type
West Chiltington Road, at Panners Drive Full closure: latest update
A29 Church Hill, Pulborough Road reopened under traffic-light control
Main Road, Yapton is closed at the roundabout junction with North End Road Road open

Useful links and further advice

Please continue to report issues on the highways so we can attend to them quickly:

Flooding can cause a range of health problems. Advice is available on keeping you and your family safe while cleaning up your home affected by flooding.

During an emergency situation, your mental health and emotional wellbeing are just as important as your physical health. See our mental health advice page for support and help available.

We also have e-newsletters you can sign up for on various topics, including our Extreme Weather Alerts newsletter. 

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