Supported transitions from reception class to year 1

Detailed guidance in addition to the school’s usual internal transition processes.

In addition to the school’s usual internal transition processes:

  • Meet with parent/carers during the reception year to plan transition and then afterwards to review how their child is settling in.
  • School to provide ‘All about my new classroom’ information with lots of pictures and/or videos and discuss this regularly with the child.
  • Arrange for frequent visits to the new classroom and opportunities to meet with Year 1 staff.
  • Arrange for all relevant information to be transferred between teachers. Check that this has been shared and disseminated with key staff.
  • Evaluate provision provided in Reception class and start planning how successful strategies of support can be translated into the Year 1 classroom.
  • Ensure that staff understand the needs of their pupils. For example, through one- page profiles.
  • Identify any further staff training needs prior to the child entering Year 1.