Transitions are about the movement from one set of circumstances to another resulting in changes to environments, relationships, behaviours, routines, roles and expectations.

Transitions are a process of change. Some people will need extra preparation, planning, adjustment and support to ensure the change is a positive experience.

Transition at its best is a sequential, planned and thoughtful process that should take place over a period of time, rather than changes happening all at once.

This video has been created by the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIAS). It’s not easy to watch but it outlines the lived experiences of some families and young people with SEND where, sadly, transitions between settings/schools have not been well planned and are not as successful as they could have been.

SENDIAS also suggests ideas that professionals can use that, together with the transition resources in this section, will help them plan more effective and positive transitions for their pupils in future.

Supporting Families through school transitions and beyond

1 mins