Mid Sussex Central - Closed TRO consultations

Closed Traffic Regulation Order consultations for Mid Sussex Central.

Formal consultation documents for recently proposed Traffic Regulation Orders. Please note, the below consultations are now closed.

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Church Road, Haywards Heath (CMS-8019-MM)

Type of order: Waiting restrictions

Consultation period: 11/10/2018-01/11/2018

Queens Road, Haywards Heath (CMS-8018-MM)

Type of order: Speed limit, weight restriction and traffic calming

Consultation period: 30/08/2018-20/09/2018

London Road, Hassocks (CMS-9019-MM)

Type of order: Toucan crossing 

Consultation period: 16/08/2018-30/08/2018

Crescent Road and various roads, Burgess Hill (CMS-1602-MM)

Type of order: Waiting restrictions

Consultation period: 19/07/2018-09/08/2018

Church Lane, Twineham (CMS-8017-MM)

Type of order: School Keep Clear marking

Consultation period: 14/06/2018-05/07/2018

Valebridge Drive and various roads (CMS-1705-MM)

Type of order: Waiting restrictions

Consultation period: 03/05/2018-24/05/2018

Isaac's Lane, Haywards Heath (CMS-8016-MM)

Type of order: Pedestrian crossing

Consultation period: 31/01/2018-14/02/2018

Hassocks Parking Amendment and Dale Road Speed Limit (CMS-8015-MM)

Type of order: Waiting restrictions and speed limit

Consultation period: 18/01/2018-08/02/2018

Various roads (CMS-8014-MM)

Type of order: School Keep Clear formalisation part 2

Consultation period: 30/11/2017-21/12/2017

Balcombe Road, Borde Hill Road and Hanlye Lane, Haywards Heath (CMS-9014-MM)

Type of order: 30mph Speed limit

Consultation period: 23/11/2017-14/12/2017

Colwell Road, Haywards Heath (CMS-9017-MM)

Type of order: Waiting Restrictions

Consultation period: 09/11/2017-30/11/2017

Penland Road, Haywards Heath (CMS-1405-MM)

Type of order: Waiting Restrictions

Consultation period: 24/08/2017-14/09/2017

Mid Sussex School Keep Clear consolidation (CMS-8013/NMS-8005/SMS-8008)

Type of order: Waiting Restrictions

Consultation period: 25/05/2017-16/06/2017

Ardingly: B2028 Lindfield Road (CMS-8012-MM)

Type of order: 40mph Speed Limit

Consultation period: 17/11/2016-08/12/2016

America Lane and Westlands Road, Haywards Heath (CMS-8009-MM)

Type of order: Traffic Calming

Consultation period: 02/06/2016-23/06/2016

A272 Cowfold Road, Bolney (CMS-8010-MM)

Type of order: Crossing

Consultation period: 04/03/2016-18/03/2016

Bolnore Village (CMS-9011-MM)

Type of order: Waiting Restrictions, Speed Limit, Bus Gate

Consultation period: 21/01/2016-11/02/2016

Last updated:
2 November 2018

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