Apply for a TRO

Details of how you can apply for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).

1 Overview

This section tells you how to apply for a permanent Traffic Regulation Order.  

If you want to temporarily close a road or restrict or prohibit an activity, please see Apply for a temporary traffic restriction.

2 Before you make a request

Before you apply for a new Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), you should ensure you have the support of the wider community. This helps us assess whether local people will object to the proposal when it comes to the legal stages. Objections can mean that requests don't progress but those with support from the community stand the best chance of progressing.

Take the following actions before progressing your application.

  • Contact your local County Councillor to discuss your proposal. 
  • Contact local residents/businesses in the area affected by your proposed TRO and ask them whether they support the idea. During the online application you will be able to attach a document with the names and addresses of those that support the request. Think about anyone else who would be affected, such as the town, parish, district or borough council, or the local police, and approach them for support. 
  • Consider if your proposal will have a negative impact on other local communities. For example, if car parking is likely to be removed, where would it go, or would HGVs be rerouted to a less suitable route.

We receive hundreds of TRO requests every year and each Council Local Committee area only has the resources to carry out a very small number.

TROs are prioritised on:

  • safety
  • traffic conditions
  • environment and economy
  • how people will benefit from the new proposals.

Your request will have a better chance of being progressed if it significantly contributes to at least one of these areas.

3 Make an application

Complete the online form to request a new TRO.

Apply for a Traffic Regulation Order

4 What happens next

All proposals will have an assessment and you will be informed of the outcome.

If the proposal is supported and in accordance with any relevant TRO Policies (such as the West Sussex County Council (WSCC) Speed Management Policy) it will be considered by the County Local Committee (CLC) for future programming and formal consultation.

Once the formal consultation period is over, a decision may be required by the CLC. If the TRO is approved, arrangements are made for the necessary signs and road markings to be provided. A final notice will also be advertised in a local paper stating when the Order will come into effect.

It should be noted that the TRO process is a democratic process. This means that any proposal may be implemented in full, in part or declined by the CLC due to objections or representations at the formal consultation stage.

Specific information on WSCC TRO Policies is available on request.

Last updated:
3 March 2022
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