Apply for a temporary TRO

How and when to apply for a temporary TRO (TTRO).

1 Overview

A temporary TRO (TTRO) is needed to:

  • temporarily close roads
  • introduce waiting restrictions
  • introduce speed limits to maintain safety during works near the highway or to hold special events.

Without an appropriate TTRO the works or events taking place may be unlawful. If you are unsure whether or not you need a TTRO for works or events you are planning please contact us.

If you want to apply for a permanent restriction, please see Apply for a permanent TRO.

2 Special events

Smaller events, such as parades or markets, are normally administered by the district council for the affected area. Larger events, such as charity runs, cycle rides or concerts which involve temporary traffic management lasting all day or over a weekend, require a TTRO made by the County Council.

We operate a framework for managing planned events on the highway, which can be made available by contacting us.

3 Timescales

Orders can be made to cover works for up to 18 months (for works on roads) and up to 6 months (for works on public footpaths or bridleways). These periods can sometimes be extended if necessary.

A minimum of 8 weeks notice is needed to process an application for a TTRO. Events under section 16a may require up to a minimum of 12 months notice. For more complicated works on the highway, a longer notice period may be needed to organise them properly.

The County Council reserves the right to request changes to the dates of works to avoid conflict on the road network.

4 Costs, payment and cancellation


All costs for the TTRO are the responsibility of the applicant.

  • For emergency situations of less than 21 days duration or planned works of 5 days or less (S.14(2) Notices) a charge of £557.00 is payable.
  • For planned works of 6 days or more (S.14(1) Orders) a charge of £2,789.00 is payable.
  • For special events on the highway (S.16A & B Orders) a charge of £2,789.00 is payable.

The cost of temporary traffic management and diversion signing are not included in these costs.


You will need to provide a purchase order number when applying. 


In the event of cancellation of a TTRO request within two weeks of a start date, the full costs will be charged.

In the event of cancellation with more than two weeks notice, a reasonable charge for any costs incurred by the County Council may be charged, and you will be advised of the appropriate amount.

5 How to apply

You can apply for a TTRO or a Section 16a road closure for an event online:

Apply for a TTRO (external link) Apply for a Section 16a road closure for an event on West Sussex highway (external link)

Before you apply

Before you start your application you should be aware of the information below.

  • A minimum of 12 weeks notice is needed to process your application. Events under section 16a may require up to a minimum of 12 months notice. 
  • All costs for the TTRO are the responsibility of the applicant. You will be asked for a purchase order number during the online application.
  • For restrictions involving closures and prohibited movements you will need to think about access for pedestrians and emergency vehicles, and access to properties within the proposed restriction. You will need to provide details of access arrangements on the form. Vehicular access to properties adjacent to a highway may not be prohibited for any more than 8 hours in any period of 24 hours and it is compulsory that emergency services can gain access to all properties within the restricted length at all times.
  • You will need to be able to upload a traffic management plan to the form from the device you are using to complete the form. 
  • Applicants are required to undertake advance public notification, such as a letter drop, to affected parties advising them of the proposed works or event. This will include, but not necessarily be limited to:
    • all properties (residents and businesses) fronting the highway affected
    • bus companies using the affected road and any diversion routes
    • police, fire and ambulance services.
  • Advance works notification boards must be placed on site 7 to 14 days prior to the start date. Information boards giving details of the contractor and a phone number must be on site throughout the duration of the works or event.
  • All companies or persons seeking temporary traffic regulations shall be required to possess public liability insurance (PLI) of at least £10 million, and that personnel working on site are qualified in accordance with NRSWA 1991.

6 Contact details

If you have a query you can contact the County Council using the details below.

Last updated:
4 June 2024
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