Which type of roads we salt

How we decide which roads to grit.

We aim to keep the priority routes - A and B roads, plus other roads of local importance, such as access roads for emergency services - safe and passable during bad weather.

We do this using 25 gritters, to which we can attach snow ploughs when required. There are 22 routes that take three hours each to complete.

Trunk roads such as the A27, A23 and M23 are an exception as they are the responsibility of Highways England which has its own winter maintenance policy.

Precautionary Salting Network (PSN)

Our routes consist of the 'County Strategic Network' as outlined in the West Sussex Transport Plan plus carriageways which satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

  • District distributors - A and B class roads.
  • Important bus routes (daily-weekdays) with a service frequency of at least one bus an hour or more, in and between peak periods for school and work.
  • Access roads leading to large industrial establishments, as identified by West Sussex Highways.
  • Access roads leading to large (500 pupils and above) educational establishments, such as further education colleges or secondary schools, as identified by West Sussex Highways.
  • Access roads leading to airports, hospitals, ambulance stations, fire stations, railway stations and bus depots, as identified by West Sussex Highways.
  • Roads on which West Sussex Highways considers wintry conditions present a higher than normal risk to the road user for a road of that hierarchy and use.

It is not possible for West Sussex Highways to salt or clear snow from all other roads, footways or cycle-ways.

During snowy weather neither the County Council nor local councils can respond to additional requests for salting as all our resources are required to keep the main routes open.

Last updated:
20 March 2017

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