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24 November 2017

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Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance

Find details on our range of fire extinguisher training courses for all types of businesses.

We offer a full fire extinguisher rental service and can advise on the most appropriate types and numbers of fire extinguishers for all types of events and temporary structures.

Using our qualified and experienced engineers we can provide a full range of services:

  • annual testing, periodical discharge testing, sales of new fire extinguishers and stock management
  • ensuring that the fire extinguishers provided are appropriate for the risk
  • advising on the most appropriate positioning of your fire equipment
  • relocating and fitting any equipment that has been moved
  • advising on the most appropriate fire equipment when new machinery or processes are introduced or the risk level changes
  • highlighting any signs of damage and advise on appropriate solutions
  • providing advice and guidance relating to BS 5306 part 8.

Fire extinguishers are a requirement in all commercial premises under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005, Section 13, to protect people in the event of fire.

Fire extinguishers need to be serviced annually and cyclical discharge testing, commonly known as ‘extended service’, must be carried out periodically to ensure the contents are ready for immediate use in the event of fire. This discharge test is also essential to inspect the interior of the fire extinguisher to ensure it is still safe to hold the pressure.

It is vital that your members of staff are trained in the safe use of fire extinguishers before they are asked to use one. We offer a full range of fire extinguisher training courses for all types of businesses.

Different types of fire

Fires are identified using a classification system and it is important to use the correct fire extinguisher to tackle each different type of fire.


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