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Business fire safety audit

What to expect if your premises are audited by West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

We may arrange to visit your premises to undertake a fire safety audit. This is a fire safety examination of the premises and relevant documents to identify how the premises are being managed. 

If you are responsible for fire safety, you'll need to demonstrate to the West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (WSFRS) inspecting officer that you have met the duties required by the Fire Safety Order (FSO).

You may also be asked to provide evidence of:

  • a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment
  • action plans related to any significant findings of the fire risk assessment
  • emergency plans for the premises in the event of a fire
  • preventative and protective measures for fire drills and staff fire training records
  • a fire safety maintenance checklist
  • staff information on fire safety and dangerous substances
  • testing by a competent person of:
    • fire detection and warning system
    • emergency lighting
    • sprinkler system
    • ventilation system
    • firefighting equipment
    • electrical wiring in the building
    • portable appliance testing (PAT).

The inspector may also ask to see other evidence depending on the circumstances and wish to talk to members of staff to confirm their level of fire safety awareness.

Help is available if you would like to carry out fire safety training for staff or 

Enforcing the Fire Safety Order

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service enforces the FSO for West Sussex Fire Authority.

We publicly display the details of any enforcement action we have taken in line with our statutory responsibilities on the National Enforcement Registers.

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Last updated:
29 July 2019
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