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Fire safety in refurbished residential buildings - Audit tool

Guidance for social housing providers to assist with fire safety precautions during refurbishment.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (WSFRS) is concerned about the arrangements in place for protecting the fire safety precautions of a residential building, especially if it has been refurbished or if any modification or maintenance projects have been carried out.

Whilst the full outcomes of the Grenfell Tower inquiry have yet to be released, one of the key findings of the Lakanal House fire was that the refurbishment of the building compromised the safety of the block and caused the fire to spread.

WSFRS have produced two tools which can be accessed below.

The first of these is an audit tool for district and borough council housing teams and social housing providers. It provides a checklist of things that should be considered when checking that the residential buildings have the necessary fire safety precautions in place when refurbishment work is carried out.

The second tool is specifically aimed for use by councillors during council meetings. We believe that local councillors play a vital role in ensuring fire safety within their districts and boroughs as community leaders. This tool provides the councillors with a number of strategic and policy questions that they can use to assure themselves, and therefore their communities, that where refurbishment of residential buildings is being undertaken, fire safety is being actively and effectively managed to keep people safe from fire.

Last updated:
24 June 2024
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