Life-Lines: a Sussex Probation film



'Life-Lines' is an innovative film created by the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Probation Service, designed to delve into the exposure of young people to criminal exploitation through county lines involvement.

County lines refers to the method used by criminal organisations to expand their drug selling operations, often involving the exploitation of young and vulnerable individuals to transport and distribute drugs across different counties or areas.

Children and young people can be manipulated and coerced into becoming couriers or dealers and research shows it affects people of all genders, starting as young as 10 years old and continuing into adulthood.

The Probation Service typically works with adults aged 18 and above. This collaboration with the Sussex Violence Reduction Unit signifies our joint effort to try and prevent young people from entering into situations that might lead them into later contact with the Probation Service.

We acknowledge that no single sector possesses the resources to combat the challenges of county lines alone and hope this film and accompanying digital learning pack will enhance the capability of agencies to tackle some key issues.

Life-Lines: a Sussex Probation film

The film aims to challenge the widespread misconception that individuals willingly choose to engage in criminal activity and highlights that exploitation isn't always obvious.

We strive to break down common stereotypes and explore various themes such as deceptive intimate relationships, the dangers associated with sharing intimate photographs, grooming strategies and online gaming risks.

The film is narrated by an individual who shares their personal experiences and offers insights into finding a way out.

Written and produced by the Probation Service, Life-Lines is based on knowledge, research and experiences of people on probation and those working with young people.

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Resource pack

The accompanying educational resource pack offers a meaningful learning experience for both young people and professionals operating in this area. It provides guidance, discussion points and activities related to the films content, interactive opportunities for perspective taking and is designed to be easily navigated by professionals across a diverse range of settings.

It can be customised to suit different audiences, based on life cycle, age and demographics, and aims to serve as a valuable tool for all partners in our collective endeavour to reduce crime and prevent victims.

Life-Lines resource pack (PDF, 1.4MB)