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Getting work ready

How to prepare for entering the jobs market.

Looking for a job can take time and be a bit frustrating. However, it's important to stay positive and recognise the skills that you have and the skills that employers are looking for. This is called being 'work ready'. 

Doing a skills health check will help you decide the type of job that suits you best, as well as show you the skills you may want to improve. 

To be work ready you need to get these things right:

  • Be positive and willing to work - work hard, turn up on time and dress appropriately.
  • Basic skills - for all jobs you will need English, maths and digital skills. 
  • Communication skills - be confident when you speak and listen to other people.
  • Get along with your colleagues. 
  • Gain qualifications to build on your skills and complete any training or work experience. 

If you feel you aren't quite ready for work you could apply for a traineeship, a course that can last up to 6 months and combines work experience with help with your English and maths (if you need it). 

You can also improve your skills, or gain new ones, by working part-time, doing work experience or volunteering

If you are 16-25 and need help looking for a job or apprenticeship, or finding suitable education or training, complete our online form.

Once we have received your form we will contact you to discuss your requirements and invite you to attend your local FindItOut centre.

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Last updated:
24 June 2024
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