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Application forms

Make your application form stand out by reading our top tips.

Some jobs will require you to complete an application form instead of submitting your CV. Follow the instructions on the application form and present your relevant skills and experience. 

  • If the application form is online, draft your application offline first to ensure it is accurate and free from errors. If it is a paper application, use a black pen to complete it and follow any other instructions on the form. 
  • The personal statement is the most important part of an application form. It explains why you want the job and what skills and experience you can bring to it. Where you have met the person specification, include examples and what you have learnt from them.  
  • Check and check again for spelling and grammatical errors. Spell check your application and ask someone to proofread it for you.  
  • Check that you have filled in all the required information. Write 'N/A' if something is not applicable to you. 
  • Take a copy of the application so that you can refer to it when preparing for the interview. 
  • If you need to post the application form, make sure you do so well before the closing date. 

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Last updated:
23 November 2023
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