Pupil records

How to view the school records for your child.

All state schools must keep educational records on each of their pupils. This should include:

  • copies of all reports to parents
  • any exchange of letters between the school and parents
  • any other information the school has on a child's education that comes from the local authority.

There may be other records kept, such as details of behaviour and family background, but this is not compulsory. The educational record does not include notes that a teacher makes purely for his or her own use.

Requesting a record

You have a right, as a parent, to view or obtain a copy of your child's educational record. To do so, write to your child's school with your request and they should respond within 15 school days.

If you have requested a copy, the school may make a small charge to cover the cost of copying.

Behaviour and exclusions

Following a written request, it is possible for you to view or have copies of related material, such as the behaviour or exclusions for your child, if the material forms part of their educational record.

In some circumstances the school may reserve the right not to show or give you a copy of some of the information in the record if they think that to do so might harm the child or another person in some way.

If the school decides to do this, you may ask them to explain why they have taken this decision.

If your child does not live with you

Anyone who is defined as a 'parent' or 'carer' in education law can still see these records, unless there is a court order against them limiting that right. It includes:

  • all natural (biological) parents, whether or not they were married at the time of the child's birth
  • adults who, while they are not natural parents of the child, have parental responsibility for, or care of, them in the sense that they live with and look after that child.

If your child changes school

School records should be transferred when a child changes school on request from the child’s new school. Contact your child's new school for further information.

Last updated:
28 November 2017
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