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Find local schools and colleges and details such as inset day dates.


To see a list of all local schools, add your postcode in the ’Postcode or town’ box below and select ‘Search’. Be aware that the distances given are to your postcode area and not to your exact address.

To see a map of all schools in your area, select ‘Map View’ and use the in/out (+/-) facility to zoom in or out then click on the schools' marker pins.

To find other types of schools not listed under 'School type', use the 'Search by keyword' box below. For example:

  • type in ‘Catholic’ for Catholic schools
  • type in ‘CofE’ for Church of England schools
  • type in 'Academy' for academies.

To display closed or partially open schools during term-time use the 'Status' filter. These will have a red or amber status next to their name and other information that the school provides.

Please refer to each school's website for inset dates.

Only use the information provided as a guide in any decision-making, such as choosing a school or help with school transport.

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