Commitment celebration and renewal of vows ceremonies

Commitment and renewal of vows ceremonies celebrate your relationship, but have no legal standing. If you want to be legally married or civil partnered, see our Marriages and civil partnerships page.

These ceremonies are performed by our trained and experienced registrars. They can take place at:

  • our ceremony rooms (with the exception of the West Sussex Register Office)
  • an approved venue licensed for civil ceremonies
  • a venue of your choice, such as a village hall, private home or somewhere that has a special significance for you (subject to suitability and health and safety checks undertaken by a registrar).

Commitment celebration ceremonies

What is a commitment celebration ceremony?

Our trained and experienced registrars perform commitment celebration ceremonies in the same way independent celebrants do. These ceremonies give couples the chance to celebrate their relationship with family and friends.

Why would I want a commitment celebration ceremony?

Commitment celebrations form part of our Bespoke ceremonies service - they are the celebratory element of the service.

You may also want to hold a commitment celebration ceremony if:

  • you wish to celebrate your relationship with friends and family without being legally married or civil partnered
  • you were married abroad and would like to celebrate with friends and family who were not able to attend the original ceremony
  • you had a very small ceremony and would like to celebrate with more people.

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Renewal of vows ceremonies

What is a renewal of vows ceremony?

The renewal of vows ceremony offers a way for couples who are married or in a civil partnership to celebrate their union.

Why would I want a renewal of vows ceremony?

You may wish to renew your vows to celebrate a special anniversary or event in your lives with your family and friends.

You can renew your vows at any time, for whatever reason, as many times as you like!

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