Crawley Growth Programme

This programme will ensure key infrastructure is in place in and around Crawley.

1 Overview

The Crawley Growth Programme is the delivery arm of the Crawley Growth Deal - a critical mass of public and private funds aligned to maximise long-term growth benefits. This growth programme will shortly undergo a refresh to ensure key infrastructure continues to maximise growth.

Find out more about the Crawley Growth Deal (PDF, 435KB)

The programme will:

  • transform the business and living environment in the town centre and Manor Royal
  • deliver much-needed new Grade A office space
  • unlock private funds for a new Crawley railway station
  • enable 1,000 new town centre homes to be built
  • grow new retail investment
  • improve sustainable transport infrastructure in the town centre, at Manor Royal and at three railway stations.

The total programme will see more than £60m invested to support growth in Crawley.

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2 Programme partners

The programme is a partnership between:

3 Phase 1 completed projects

Haslett Avenue signal upgrade

The junctions in Haslett Avenue in the Three Bridges area of Crawley had been suffering from ageing and often failing traffic signals equipment.

The junctions ran very unpredictable green demands with a sudden surge of vehicles and pedestrians running for a specific train, or school drop off/pick up times as well as ‘normal’ commuter and peak traffic flows. This made it incredibly difficult for the region to run effectively under the previous traffic signalling system.

Following a traffic signalling system upgrade and the installation of a crossing point requested by our residents, the mini-peak congestion has been reduced drastically. The links with other junctions in the area are more efficient allowing a progression of flow through the region that simply was not possible beforehand.

The upgrade was completed in March 2018. Despite the additional pedestrian facilities, the region now runs far more efficiently than before and has been well received by local members, commuters and residents alike.

Real-time passenger information installation

Find information about our electronic displays at bus stops which provide real-time passenger information for passengers, keeping you up to date on how the bus is running.

Worth Park Avenue improvements

The Worth Park Avenue cycle improvements scheme was developed over many years from 2013 to 2016. The scheme delivered 1.7km of shared cycleway footway from Ridley’s Corner to the east to Three Bridges Rail Station in the west. The facility would also connect existing cycle routes on Grattons Drive, Worth Road to Poundhill School and the NCN21 crossing from St Mary's Drive to Station Hill.

The scheme was delivered along with traffic signal upgrades and resurfacing works on Haslett Avenue. The traffic signals were upgraded to Toucan enabled crossings to allow the cycle facility to be delivered through this heavily traffic signal-controlled set of junctions.

4 Phase 2 projects

Completed projects

Projects in progress

Associated development works

Last updated:
21 November 2023
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