Submit a petition to the County Council

How to petition the County Council.

We want everyone who lives, works or studies in West Sussex to be able to petition the County Council. If we can, we will do what your petition requests. If we cannot, we will explain why.

Before considering whether or not to raise a petition to the County Council you may want to discuss your issue with your local county councillor. They may be able to help you with it, explain how to make representations on a particular subject to the right person and decide whether what you want is a matter for the County Council.

We recommend you read the Petitions Scheme document before proceeding. This explains the different options and how we deal with petitions.

Online petitions (e-petitions)

The County Council provides a facility for you to create and submit an e-petition. If you have already started a paper petition, these numbers can be included in your e-petition.

The e-petition function has been withdrawn at present. A new e-petition function is planned and will become operational later in 2017. In the meantime, paper petitions and other third party e-petitions can be accepted provided they follow the scheme requirements (see below).

Closed petitions

Responses to closed e-petitions can be viewed in the document below.

Paper petitions

You can view paper petitions submitted during the last year and a summary of how the County Council responded to them in the document below.

Third party petitions

We will also accept e-petitions created on sites hosted by third parties, applying the same principles for externally-created petitions. Refer to the guidance above before creating or submitting your petition.

Be aware that it is the responsibility of the lead petitioner (the person who created the petition) to submit it in a format that enables us to verify the address of each of the petition's signatories. External petitions submitted to the County Council can be viewed below.

Last updated:
24 August 2017

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