Multi-sensory impairment

Information, resources and links to support children and young people with multi-sensory impairment.

A multi-sensory impairment is the term used when an individual has both a visual and a hearing impairment. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Deaf Blindness’ and is classed as a single disability in its own right.

The level of impairment in each area can differ. For example, a person may have a severe hearing impairment and a mild visual impairment.

A sensory impairment of this nature can cause problems with:

  • communication
  • finding out information
  • mobility.

When a child or young person is diagnosed through a health professional, there are professionals who can support. An advisory teacher of Multi-Sensory Impairment working in conjunction with an advisory teacher of the Hearing Impaired and an advisory teacher of the Visually Impaired will be able to offer advice to support access to the curriculum. The level of support required will largely depend upon levels of distance and near vision acuity.