Early years: Generalised learning difficulties e.g. difficulties across the curriculum but with some areas of strength. A child with an uneven profile of skills and attainment

Suggested strategies and links.

Strategies and approaches:

  • Ensure the child has full access to the breadth of learning by making adjustments and modifications to differentiate the curriculum, right across the board.
  • Staff support the characteristics of effective teaching and learning and plan activities designed to develop skills which will support them to become independent learners.
  • Support the child to develop their self-esteem through celebration and reinforcement of strengths and successes.
  • Support the child to draw on their own experiences in their play and support them to extend and build on their ideas, concepts and skills.
  • Extend the child’s interests and introduce them to new experiences by providing a variety of activities using creative and playful approaches.
  • Provide first-hand real-life experiences as part of your everyday routines for children to explore and discover.
  • Plan and resource a challenging environment where the child’s play can be supported and extended.
  • Encouraging and support the child to persevere through difficulties, to ask questions, problem-solve and take risks.
  • Identifying and supporting next steps in learning utilising information from home to offer the child consistent challenge.


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