Wellbeing and behaviour in West Sussex

Information about the range of well-being strategies that are being used to support children and young people in West Sussex schools.

West Sussex County Council is committed to a therapeutic understanding of the development of children and young people (CYP).

Settings are under pressure to show how they are increasing pupil attainment and achievement. Developing a whole school approach to social, emotional wellbeing is central to driving improvements for CYP.

There is an expectation settings must make reasonable adjustments and ‘best endeavours’ to enable CYP to succeed.

Below you can find out about wellbeing approaches in West Sussex.

Wellbeing approaches

Behaviour: Supporting staff and policy assistance

School ethos and supporting staff

Staff may need support to shift how they view CYP's behaviour. This could include:

  • supporting them to understand behaviour as a form of communication - a child is not being naughty – their behaviour is telling us we haven’t met their emotional or physical need in an appropriate way or expectations are too high
  • developing a whole school therapeutic understanding of behaviour
  • developing a more positive and consistent use of language across the setting using language scripts to support
  • modelling the use of language and strategies to shift staff culture
  • review behaviour policies to ensure they reflect these approaches.

Behaviour policy

The behaviour policy should reflect the needs of:

  • children and young people with adverse childhood experiences
  • social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) pupils.

An action plan or risk assessment can support the behaviour policy to enable a consistent approach and understanding of need.

Resources available to develop behaviour policies

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Young Minds

The Young Minds website contains lots of resources for professionals, parent carers and young people.

Schools in Mind

A free network for school staff and allied professionals sharing practical, academic and clinical expertise about wellbeing and mental health issues affecting schools.

Mentally Healthy Schools

Adopting a whole school approach is a process, not a one off activity. Find information and guidance to help with implementing a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing.