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14 September 2017

Grass cutting

Find the grass cutting schedule for West Sussex.

1 Grass cutting schedule 2017

The grass cutting schedule for the urban area is available below and the cuts for 2017 are currently in progress. 

Follow @WSHighways Twitter to find out where our grass cutting teams are working.

Cut times vary each year to suit growing conditions. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks to cut all grass across the county.

2 What we do

We cut grass for safety and visibility reasons whilst ensuring we protect the environment as much as possible.

Urban cuts

We cut and maintain grass verges in towns and other urban areas 7 times during the growing season (March-November).

This is more than the recommended safety level of 5 times, but represents good value for money in terms of safety and the environment.

Rural cuts

In the countryside, or where there are no pavements, we maintain the verges so that pedestrians don't have to walk in the road, where avoidable.

Verges in rural areas receive: 

  • one overall cut per year
  • two one-metre wide cuts to stop grass and vegetation overhanging the road.

As far as safety allows, we aim to preserve verges as havens for rare flowers and wildlife. These are known as Notable Road Verges. They will remain uncut while the flowers are in bloom but will still be maintained out of season.

At current levels grass cutting costs less than £2.00 per person per year.

3 Cuttings collection

We do not collect grass cuttings as the cost involved would restrict the number of cuts we could carry out.

We try to blow cuttings back onto the verge. Some will cover or fall into drains but this is unlikely to block them.

4 What other agencies do

Grass cutting in recreational areas such as parks and housing areas is carried out by district or borough councils or housing authorities.

Highway verges on the A27, M23 and A23 are looked after by Highways England.

5 Report overgrown grass

First check the grass cutting schedule to see if we are due in the area soon.

If not, and roadside grass is causing a visibility issue or danger for road users, let us know.

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