Temporary development signs

Request temporary location signs for housing developments.

1 Overview

Developers must apply for permission to erect temporary direction signs to housing developments on the highway.

Developers must ensure that where permission has expired, signs are removed within two weeks of the expiry of that permission. Failure to comply may result in the County Council removing and applying a penalty charge.

Any unauthorised signage will be removed. The responsible developers/sign company will be recharged the costs of removal and repair to any damage caused to the highway.

2 Criteria and sign sizes


  • You can only apply for signs for new housing developments to direct contractors or potential buyers to the site.
  • Development must have a minimum of 30 bedrooms on site (for example, 10 x 3 bedroom houses or 6 x 5 bedroom houses).
  • Only the name of the site is permitted on the sign - not the developer's name.
  • Signs will be permitted for as long as required, with an annual renewal cost applied.
  • Sign locations should be limited to the local area, usually from the nearest A or B road (depending on location and complexity of the road network); no more than one mile distance from the site or two strategic road junctions.
  • No more than 10 signs in total will be permitted.
  • Licence number and expiry date must be clearly shown on the rear of all signs erected on the highway. Non-compliance may result in a penalty notice being applied.
  • No more than two temporary development signs will be permitted in any one location, and therefore an advance survey before application must be undertaken.


  • The maximum permitted 'x' height (where 'x' is the vertical height of the individual letters or numbers) for a sign legend is 62.5mm.
  • A minimum of 2.3 metres headroom must be left below any signs that overhang a footway and 2.4 metres headroom for a cycle path.

Signs must meet the correct specification and be situated in accordance with the licence. Non-compliance could result in a penalty notice being applied.

Street lights and illuminated street furniture

Permission must be obtained from our street lighting contractor, SSE Enterprise, before erecting any temporary signage on lamp columns or other illuminated street furniture. This is to ensure the type of fixings used will not cause any damage.

The costs of repairing any damage caused by the use of fixings not approved by SSE Enterprise will be recharged to the developer responsible.

3 Apply for signs

If you would like to apply for signage complete the application form below.


  • A minimum of four weeks notice is required.
  • A copy of your public liability insurance (to the value of £10 million) must be included with the submission. 
  • You will need to add a purchase order number for us to invoice against. Check the Fees page for details on costs per sign.
Apply for temporary development signs

4 What next?

Your application will be assessed and you will be contacted within 20 working days with a decision. If the application is successful, you will be emailed an invoice for the appropriate costs.

Once payment has been confirmed, you can proceed with the erection of signs as set out in your application. You must ensure that any additional permissions relating to street lighting have been granted where required.

5 Fees

  • Up to six signs: £561.00
  • Each additional sign: £112.00
  • Penalty charge fee £103.00
  • All fees are applied annually for renewal.

You will be emailed an invoice which you can pay online.

In the event of cancellation a reasonable charge for any costs incurred by WSCC may be payable. You will be notified of the charge if this is the case.

Last updated:
1 April 2020
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