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15 February 2018

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Comment on a planning application

Submit your comments on mineral, waste and the County Council's own planning applications.

1 Submit your comments online

Important note: Due to maintenance, the system for searching and commenting on planning applications will be unavailable from 7.00pm on Saturday 24 February to 7.00pm on Sunday 25 February 2018. We apologise for any inconvenience.

You can support, object to or comment on planning applications for waste, mineral and the County Council's own development.

Comment on a planning application online (external link)

You have a maximum of 3,900 characters (equivalent to about a page of A4) to submit your comments online. To submit longer comments you will need to email or write to us instead.

2 Submit your comments by email or post

For queries about an application email or phone us using the details below. 

3 What to consider when commenting

When considering your comments, bear in mind that only certain issues can be taken into account. These include the following:

  • Is a proposed use suitable for the area?
  • Is the appearance and size of a new building in keeping with its neighbours and the surrounding area?
  • Are external alterations to an existing building in character?
  • Will adjoining residents be overlooked or affected by loss of light or privacy?
  • Will noise and disturbance increase, such as from increased traffic?
  • Will new roads, accesses and parking be safe for road users and pedestrians?
  • Is a public right of way affected?
  • Is the landscape visually affected, for example, loss of trees and hedgerows?
  • Does the proposal conflict with planning policies?

We cannot take into account:

  • fears about the loss of property value
  • boundary and other disputes between neighbours
  • loss of view.

Your details (except phone number, signature and email address) and comments will be publicly available online or at County Hall, Chichester.

Comments that are potentially defamatory or breach equality laws or other legal obligations may be considered irrelevant. We also reserve the right to edit your comments.

Find out how we consult on, and publicise, planning applications in our Statement of Community Involvement.

4 How we reach a decision

Most applications are dealt with by planning officers, while large or controversial applications are decided by the Planning Committee. All comments, along with planning legislation and other policies, are considered when deciding whether to allow or refuse planning permission. 

If the application is to be considered by the Planning Committee, you may be able to speak at the meeting.

You can keep track of an application’s progress online. We will notify you of the decision by post or email. Specific details, such as conditions imposed on permitted development or reasons for refusal are available online.

Only the applicant has a right of appeal. The Planning Portal has information about appeals.

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