The impacts of climate change

Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges we will ever face in our county. The effects are already being felt by communities across West Sussex, with damaging impacts to people’s lives, local infrastructure, and ecosystems.

The predicted impacts of climate change in West Sussex include more frequent and intense flooding, storms, drought, and episodes of extreme heat.

These impacts are expected to lead to:

  • an increase in heat-related deaths (particularly amongst the elderly)
  • damage to essential infrastructure
  • reduced availability of water
  • increased food costs
  • disruption to supply chains and service provision
  • sea level rises
  • greater coastal erosion
  • destruction of coastal habitats and wetlands
  • wildfires.

What will climate change look like near me?

How much rain might fall in your area and how high might temperatures climb? Visit the BBC website and find out what could happen in your area.

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